DIGI TRACK for vehicles

Easy, fast, effective and economical vehicle fleet management, regardless of its size!


DIGI TRACK for vehicles

Easy, fast, effective and economical vehicle fleet management, regardless of its size!

Main objectives & uses of the application

It is given the opportunity to track your vehicles and know at any moment their position as well as the progress of the deliveries and visits dairy schedule. This way your business is modernized and the operating costs are reduced being provided quality services and comparative advantages over the competition

Advantages of DIGI TRACK application for vehicles

  • Complete, in terms of usability and completeness, an application fully adapted to customer’s needs and objectives.
  • It is provided the ability to manage the system both via a pc and a cell phone or tablet (android), thus offering the flexibility and portability when used.
  • Employment of the latest reliable GPS systems.
  • Multi – parametric application providing to customers the ability to expand the basic package with the most complete modules in market, offering competitive monthly charges even for services which are not available by monthly subscription packages today.

The application modules, customized to your needs, are the following:

  • • DigiTrack Basic:

    It provided the ability to display the position and status of all systems of interest as well as tracing during the current day.
  • • DigiTrack History:
    It is enabled the recursion of the movement history for all systems of interest, up to 15 days starting from the current date. Fast playback of routes, to extract conclusions relative to the distribution system.
  • • DigiTrack Sensors:
    Receive data from vehicle sensors (for those supported by the monitoring device) and displaying them in graphics for easier extraction of good performance conclusions. Real time display of alarms relative to sensors.
  • • DigiTrack Routing:
    It is provided the ability to enter multiple depots, vehicles and destinations to extract optimized routing schedules. It is provided the ability to transmit routes to the vehicles, under the condition that this is supported by the tracking systems employed. Specified route check per vehicle. In case of any deviation from the specified route is observed, relative information is provided.
  • • Contact:
    It is provided the opportunity for users to communicate to each other, via chat. Messages exchange and photos.

Customer Evaluation

It incorporates many features into a single one application. Already tracking the two family vehicles, employing it as a GPS device and for message transmission. The software application runs fast and does not seem to burden the operation of my mobile phone device.

Notable software application. More or less it provides everything a GPS does, while it allows the real time monitoring of persons from your contact list, as long as those have downloaded the software application too, and transmit to them meeting points on the map or messages.

As soon as it is combined with the web application, practically speaking, it provides everything. Recording routes made with my bike, while my favorite persons could see my position every moment, my speed e.t.c. Any such information provided via any other device would cost me a lot. Mobile phone device, I had it anyway. Thank you!

The software application either installed in the mobile phone device or the pc, brings another dimension into trackers. You can see something complete and easy to manage, while the tracker itself bought is small sized and it seems that it operates perfectly. Previously when summing the cost of SMS required for a single tracker that was found to be 5 times more compared to the Internet paid now for the card, while I could watch 24 hours a day, my favorite person. It is worth to give it a try.

Fine software application. If my friends had the application, it would be interesting to see where each one of them is, to talk instantly or to share a positioning point. I would suggest testing it in a sport, for example in a marathon race. A large sized screen where the WEB application could be displayed as well as the positioning point of each runner in real time. Obviously it is available to monitor while being at home.