Positioning Systems

Compatible to smartphones, tablets, PC, for Android & Windows based operating systems

  • • vehicles – fleets of vehicles
  • • humans
  • • pets
  • • vessels
  • • merchandises

The first Hellenic application developed for smartphones that provides complete control as well as the ability to continually know where your favorite people & pets are


Easy, quick, effective and economic fleet management, regardless of its size! Continuous, real – time knowledge of the location of your vehicle, motorcycle or even recreational craft.

Digi – Track is the world’s only, entities positioning management solution in a single platform.

Incorporating all the features that come with all other commercial applications, separately. The system enables the employment of mobile phones supported by the latest GPS tracker devices, providing real-time tracking data to the users. Moreover, the employment of mobile phones enables the bi-directional communication between system users, as well as the exchange of positioning, messages and information, as required by an advanced social network .

Why to choose DIGI TRACK

Due to the fact that our company has a high level of expertise and a portfolio of innovative products which have been subsidized by European programs.
Due to the fact that it is a Hellenic application developed by Greek engineers of our company and could be customized to market needs.
Because it is the most cost-competitive solution available in the market today .
Because it incorporates all the features that come with all other commercial applications separately, such as chat and talk between “friends”, route history, cashing maps e.t.c.

Customer Evaluation

It incorporates many features into a single one application. Already tracking the two family vehicles, employing it as a GPS device and for message transmission. The software application runs fast and does not seem to burden the operation of my mobile phone device.

Notable software application. More or less it provides everything a GPS does, while it allows the real time monitoring of persons from your contact list, as long as those have downloaded the software application too, and transmit to them meeting points on the map or messages.

As soon as it is combined with the web application, practically speaking, it provides everything. Recording routes made with my bike, while my favorite persons could see my position every moment, my speed e.t.c. Any such information provided via any other device would cost me a lot. Mobile phone device, I had it anyway. Thank you!

The software application either installed in the mobile phone device or the pc, brings another dimension into trackers. You can see something complete and easy to manage, while the tracker itself bought is small sized and it seems that it operates perfectly. Previously when summing the cost of SMS required for a single tracker that was found to be 5 times more compared to the Internet paid now for the card, while I could watch 24 hours a day, my favorite person. It is worth to give it a try.

Fine software application. If my friends had the application, it would be interesting to see where each one of them is, to talk instantly or to share a positioning point. I would suggest testing it in a sport, for example in a marathon race. A large sized screen where the WEB application could be displayed as well as the positioning point of each runner in real time. Obviously it is available to monitor while being at home.